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Information About Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Are you an ex-Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program member and looking for the recent updates to the Spirit flyer program? Spirit Airlines has introduced a few editions to the existing Spirit program. To get the complete information related to the same, check out this post. 

Prior, you gained the points based on the miles you flew as per the Spirit’s older frequent flyer program. However, the new frequent flyer program allows you to earn points based on spending an amount to book a ticket. 

Do you want to get the complete information regarding Spirit frequent flyer program, get in touch with Spirit Airlines Customer Service at 1 (855) 728-3555 

What are the Changes in the New Spirit Frequent Flyer Program?

In 2021, Spirit introduced a new loyalty program for its frequent flyers called Free Spirit. With this program, your points will not get expired on the condition that you have qualified activity within 12 months. 

As a result, the higher the cost of your airline ticket, the more points you will earn. Let’s start learning how to earn miles and points via the Spirit loyalty program. 

Get Free Spirit Awards

According to the latest Spirit frequent flyer program; its members will get points for every dollar spent on booking a flight with the airline. It would be best if you kept in mind that taxes and fees will not earn Spirit Points. 

The number of points will depend on your membership level. 

  • Gold Members can get 20 points per dollar spent on purchases option (Bags and seats) and 10 points per dollar spent on fares.
  • Silver Members may get 16 points per dollar spent on purchases option (Bags and seats) and 8 points per dollar on fares. 
  • Free Spirit Members can get 12 points per dollar spent on purchases option (Bags and seats) and 6 points per dollar on fares. 

Earn points via Points Pooling

It is the latest edition of the Spirit loyalty program that you can’t get with many other airlines except Spirit. You must go through the following points to learn how to earn points through points pooling. 

  • Free Spirit Silver, Gold Members, and Free Spirit Credit Cardholders can club the Spirit points with up to eight friends and family members without paying the extra charges. 
  • You can track progress and start your pool with a free Spirit account. 

Via Free Spirit Partners Programs 

You can get mileage via other existing Spirit partnership programs. Spirit frequent flyer program allows you to earn extra miles on common travel purchases from car rentals to hotels. 

To get the correct miles, you should keep in mind to use the Spirit partner-affiliate link and include your free Spirit number. 

Free Spirit Elite Status Levels 

Spirit Flyer Program includes two elite status levels, i.e., Gold and Silver. To earn the Status Qualifying Points, you must qualify for both levels. 

  • Gold Status – You must earn 5,000 Status Qualifying Points in a calendar year. 
  • Silvers Status – You must earn 2,000 Status Qualifying Points in a calendar year. 

Free Spirit Shopping and Dining Portals 

You must sign up for the Free Spirit Dining Program to participate in bars, clubs, and restaurants. After that, you need to link the debit or credit card to your account. 

This way, you can earn miles for every dollar spent on dining at the participating location. 
  • Basic Members – Get 1 mile per $2 spent when you have elected not to get emails from Free Spirit Dining. 
  • Select Members – Get 3 miles per $1 spent when you have elected to get emails from Free Spirit Dining. 
  • VIP Members – Get 5 miles per $1 spent when you have elected to get emails from Free Spirit Dining, including the completion of 11 qualified transactions in a calendar year.

Wrapping up!

The post comprises all the related aspects of the frequent flyer program. You can avail of the benefits of this program if you frequently book your flight with Spirit Airlines. 

If you are still looking for the relevant information regarding Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer, you can dial Spirit Airlines Phone Number 1 (855) 728-3555.


How Many Miles Do I Require to Avail of a Free Flight with Spirit Airlines?

You are required to complete 2,500 miles by booking an award flight on Spirit. In that way, you can fly with Spirit airlines for free, but you must avoid redemption fees when booking an award flight. 

Can I do Spirit TSA precheck?

You can access the TSA Precheck with all Spirit boarding passes. And, it is required to search for the TSA Precheck indicator on your boarding pass.

How can I Find the Free Spirit Number?

To find the free Spirit Number, you must visit the official website of Spirit Airlines. And then follow the instructions given below. 

  • Click Sign-in and then enter the login details. 
  • After that, select the Reset Password option and enter your email address.
  • Then, you will get the steps for the account from where you can get the free Spirit number. 

When does Free Spirit Status Expire?

Elite status with Spirit will expire within six months, so it is necessary to meet the qualifications within that period.

Can I use Spirit Points for Seats?

Yes, you can use the Free Spirit Points to choose any seats with Spirit Airlines.

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