Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Do you wish to fly with your beloved pet on Spirit Airlines, and because of that, are you searching for the important terms of Spirit Airlines pet policy? If this is what you seek, you should find the best information here.

The ultra-low-cost airline carrier of the United States of America, Spirit Airlines, was established in 1983. Since its establishment, Spirit Airlines has always offered the best aviation facilities to its global passengers.

Spirit Airlines provides the best special assistance services, which include the Spirit pet policy. So, if you want complete details about its pet policy, then you should go through the information mentioned below.


How Much do I Need to Pay for Pets on Spirit Airlines?

Do you want to know the Spirit Airlines pet fee? If yes, then go through the essential information mentioned below:

  • You must pay USD 110 each way to fly with your pets on Spirit Airlines.
  • The pet charges on Spirit Airlines also change as per the travel fare and destination.

You can get more information related to the Spirit Airlines pet fees by connecting with the customer service representative Spirit Airlines. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for Pets Travelling like Checked Baggage 

If you ever travel by Spirit Airlines with your beloved pet, you are not allowed to take pets as checked baggage. You can best connect with the Spirit Airlines customer service representative and find the best way to fly with your pets. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for Pets Travelling like Cargo Baggage 

If you ever travel by Spirit Airlines with your beloved pet, you are not allowed to take pets as manifest cargo. You can best connect with the Spirit Airlines customer service representative and find the best way to fly with your pets.  

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for International Flights

Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow pets other than service Pets (dogs) on international flights.

  • Emotional Support Pets will not be acknowledged for nothing and should travel per Spirit Airlines pet arrangement, and all limitations will apply.
  • Trained service Pets (dogs) can travel free with their proprietors in the traveller lodge.

These two points will explain to you the Spirit pet policy for International flights.

What are the pets allowed in Spirit Airlines?

Only thinking of flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines is not enough to book flight tickets for your pet. Knowing about the pets allowed in Spirit Airlines will be a great choice. Below are the pets that you can freely take with you on Spirit Airlines flights:

  • Small household birds 
  • Domestic dogs
  • Small domestic rabbits 
  • Domestic cats 

But, some kinds of birds are not allowed on Spirit Airlines flights, including flightless birds, poultry, waterfowl, etc. 

Points to Remember While Travelling with Pet on Spirit Airlines

If you are eagerly willing to travel with your pet on Spirit Airlines, then there are some points that you need to remember properly. Below is the information which will explain the points in brief:

  • You really want to have your pet’s valid documents for Rabies Vaccine.
  • Exotic pets like snakes, bugs, and rodents are not permitted.
  • A limit of 2 pets is permitted in a compartment, yet just a single container per guest is permitted.
  • Pets need to stay in the carrier as long as necessary.
  • Pets should have the option to stand upstanding and move serenely in the container so your pet can’t be sick, rough, or in actual pain.
  • The consolidated weight of the carrier and pet may not surpass 40 pounds.
  • Assuming that the pets are viewed as offensive, will remove them.
  • The pet ought to be something like eight weeks old you can settle down anyplace except the principal column and crisis lines.
  • Those travellers who have their pets with them are encouraged to go past standard registration rules.
  • The carrier should not surpass 18 x 14 x 9 inches and should have the option to fit under the seat.

Remember these important points while booking flight tickets for your pet on Spirit Airlines. 

How to Include a Pet Spirit Airlines?

You are supposed to notify Spirit Airlines before your arrival. You are supposed to follow the directions given by Spirit Airlines. However, it’s anything but an unquestionable necessity. You can contact the airlines by calling, messaging, or WhatsApp. The service is generally accessible around the year.

  • Contact the booking desk if you want to add your pet to your booking.
  • Call the toll-free phone number of Spirit Airlines at 1-855-SAVE-555 (1-855-728-3555).
  • You can get in touch with them through WhatsApp at 855-728-3555. You can likewise get in touch with them by messaging at 48763.

These are the best ways that will assist you with adding a pet or more pets to your Spirit Airlines booking.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

If you are the one who is looking to travel with your pets on Spirit Airlines, then you should know about the Spirit Airlines pet policy. With the help of its pet policy, you will enjoy your travel without facing any trouble. It will also assist you in planning your trip with your beloved pets.

Check out the below-mentioned pet policy of Spirit Airlines:

  • If you are thinking about traveling with your pets on Spirit Airlines, you should know that you can only take rabbits, small birds, cats, and dogs on the domestic Spirit flights.
  • You are not allowed to take pet animals on international Spirit flights.
  • The passengers are only allowed to take only six pet carriers.
  • You are allowed to put only two pets in one container.
  • The passengers of Spirit Airlines need to pay around $110/pet container.
  • The size of the pet container must not exceed 18*14*9 inches in size and 49 lbs in weight.

Spirit Airlines Emotional Service Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines also allowed psychiatric support pets on their flights with valid documentation as a responsible airline company. So, if you are looking to know more about the Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Pet Policy, then here are some important points that you should know:

Take a glance,

  • According to this policy, you need correct paperwork for your beloved pet from a verified animal doctor.
  • It is important to submit a Passenger Acknowledgement Form, Veterinary Health Form, and Mental health Professional Form.
  • You also need to provide all the medical details of your pet.
  • The passengers have to submit all the required details of your animal to Spirit Airlines one week before the scheduled departure.
  • Spirit Airlines also offers you some additional requirements and guidelines, including that your pet or animal must remain with you during your journey.
  • Also, if your pet or animal shows any disruption or aggression during the verification, then you can’t take your pet on the flight. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Seating Requirements

It is a major point to know about the pet seating requirements in Spirit Airlines. It will help you place your pet in the ideal seat so that you, your pet, or the airline don’t face any problems during the journey.

Here are some of the important points that you must know about the Spirit Airlines Pet Seating Requirements:

Have a look,

  • If you plan to make Spirit Airlines reservations with your pet, you need to take permission from Spirit Airlines for your pet.
  • You need to make sure that your pet should be on your lap.
  • If you have a trained service pet, then you can place it on the aircraft floor.
  • You can also take a full seat for your pet. It will ensure you about the full comfort of your pet while traveling with Spirit Airlines. 
  •  Spirit Airlines is not 100% sure that you will get space for your animal. So, place your booking order in advance.
  • You are not allowed to sit with your pet in the first row of your flight.

For more details, you can connect with the customer service of Spirit Airlines anytime you want.

Tips for Travelling with your beloved pets.

Are you thinking about traveling with your beloved pet on Spirit Airlines? Do you want to know some amazing tips that can help you? If yes, then here are some of the useful tips which will allow you to travel comfortably with your pets on Spirit Airlines:

Take a look,

  • To travel with your pets on Spirit Airlines without facing any trouble, you need to ensure seat availability for your pets next to you.
  • You also have to make sure that all the documentations are legit and submitted to Spirit Airlines before the deadline.
  • The documentation should be from a legal person.
  • Fill the form carefully so that you will not face any issues while applying for pet travel.
  • Before traveling with your pets, make sure that your pets are vaccinated and have severe health issues.
  • It would be best to make sure that the pet carrier or compartment follows Spirit Airlines’ weight and size norms.

For further details, you can read Spirit Airlines Pet Policy or connect with its customer service executive.

Animals that are not allowed in Spirit Airlines.

Do you know which animals you can’t take in Spirit Airlines? If not, then check out the below-mentioned list:

Have a look,

  • Spiders
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Ferrets
  • Hamsters
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Snakes and other reptiles.

Read the Spirit Airlines pet policy for a better understanding.

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